Different Types Of Electronics Test Equipment Used In Industries

Instruments and machines should be tested immediately after manufacturing or in the later stages of the product lifecycle to ensure that their functioning and performance conforms to the industry standards and are properly calibrated. This testing is done by electronic test equipment which captures responses to its signals produced by the instrument under testing (device under test, DUT). The electronic parameters measured by the test equipment include electric current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, voltage etc.

From simple handheld devices to sophisticated lab equipment

An example of the simplest electronic test equipment is a tester consisting of a metal end/test lead and a light bulb which is used to check the presence of electric voltage in a device. Among the most advanced test equipment is the automatic or automated test equipment (ATE) such as digital multimeters and Keithley instruments.

Simple equipment for basic testing in an electronic circuit

The most widely used ones are:

Voltmeter: Measures the voltage or electric potential difference between two different points in a closed or open electric circuit. An example is the Weston Cell. Voltmeters can be analog or digital and are represented as V in the circuit diagram.

Ammeter: Measures the current in a circuit in terms of Amperes, mill amperes or microamperes. The most common example is the galvanometer, and the modern meter is called as D’Arsonval/Weston type galvanometer.

Ohmmeter: Measures electrical resistance in ohms. There are microhmmeters and megohmmeters.

Multimeter: Measures multiple parameters such as voltage, current and resistance, and hence also called as VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter). Multimeters can be analog (value displayed by a pointer) or digital (numeric display).

RLC meter: Measures the three fundamental components of electronics, namely, resistance, inductance (inducing electromotive force or EMF) and capacitance (stores an electric charge).

To provide stimulus (usually electric energy, electronic signals) to an electronic circuit for the purpose of testing, stimulus generators are used. The different types of generators are signal generators, pulse generators, digital pattern generators, function generators (analog circuits) and power supplies.


A Beginner’s Guide To Using The Heat Press Machine

The artwork printed onto t-shirts are the work of heat press machines or heat transfer printing. The heat press is a modern alternative to the classic screen printing that was used sometimes back. Of course, when it comes to quality, nothing can beat a screen printing but with technology, no one can find any difference between a screen-printed t-shirt and a heat pressed t-shirt.

We see an increase in entrepreneurs entering the t-shirt printing industry because heat press printing is an easy and affordable option and makes customization simple. As screen printing requires large quantities of order and it is on the expensive side, the best heat press here machine is affordable irrespective of the quantity of the order.

If you have bought a heat press machine and want to know how to use it more appropriately, here is a basic guide that helps you with using the machine.

Using the Heat Press Machine

There are different types of heat press machines. Some are very basic and are good for home use or for small orders. They are also not costly and is perfect if are a starter. But a professional heat press machine is capable of catering to bulk orders. It has more settings and sophisticated features and are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to take up orders in bulk. Whatever the type is they are operated the same way. Here’s the basic guide to operate.

* The on/off switch is flipped to turn on the power.

* The thermostat knob or switch is turned on till the red indicator heating light is visible.

* When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat knob is turned off.

* If there is a digital timer, then start the timer and stop when the alarm is heard.

* Open the press by lifting the handle.

* Place the t-shirt and the transfer sheet / paper on the shirt facing down.

* Close the press and lock firmly.

* Based on the instruction manual, set the timer.

* Open the press.

* Detach the transfer paper from the t-shirt.

* Allow 24 hours for the print to “stick” to the t-shirt before washing it.

Buy ViewsTo Boost Your Business

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What is the need to buy views?

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